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I started writing this in April. It began,

Three months ago I was in Toronto, squeezing in one last show at The Rex before shipping off to New York.

I had just finished Hacker School and wanted to write a retrospective post. I also wanted to officially resign from the Iron Blogger crew. But I was on a kiteboarding trip at the time, and the wind was picking up.

My three preceding posts are shoddy. Two are short quotes from materials I’d been reading through. The other reads like an assignment. All three were started on Monday morning before check-ins because I didn’t want to lose a bet.

I’m glad that I have a blog now. It’s a great way to share cool things that I’ve learned and silly things that I’ve done, and I intend to keep writing when inspired. But I don’t want to do this every week.

My drafts folder is full of half-thoughts and evening projects, and I’m going to add a page to share these bits and pieces. I’m happy to keep my blog long-form and my portfolio sparse, but I need a container for the weird stuff1.

The speed of time

My year has gone by especially fast. This post is a time-machine to when I wrote,

I’m lucky that this year’s trip matched up with the end of Hacker School. Some of my best meditation happens out on the water, and I’m working through some big decisions.

The biggest decision — “what next?” — has already been made. I spent the summer travelling then moved to Palo Alto with a great friend to work on a startup. I’ve had no impulse to revisit my blog until now.

…but what about Hacker School?

If I’m going to reflect on my experiences at Hacker School I’ll do so in a separate post. I will say this, though: in those three months I met some of the kindest, most accepting people I’ve ever come across. I’ll never forget the friendships that we made.


  1. Presently, this describes most of my work. 

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